Digital Control Technologies (includes class set of components)

Control Technology with TechStarter

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Introduction to Digital Control Technology

This workshop is an easy entry into control technology.Ā  The course will introduce concepts of coding with real world devices, an introduction to microprocessors via a locally developed board with built in I/O, motor driver, multiple LEDs, LDR, buzzer output.

Easily learn to code a microprocessor.
This is a low-cost entry appropriate to schools using free software for simulation and experimentation.Ā  This workshop will address Materials, Engineering and Digital outcomes of the 2019 Technology Mandatory syllabus.

Course costs include 11 ā€˜Techstarterā€™ boards for use in the classroom. Additional sets are available for purchase.

Participants will engage in discussion regardingĀ problem / project based learning, its application in the classroom and how to develop appropriateĀ assessment methodologies.

Targeted concepts are Project Based Learning, Design Thinking, Computational and Algorithmic thinking and Integrated Learning.Ā