Introduction to Digital Technologies

Introduction to Digital Technology

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Introduction to Digital Technology

This course is for those who have little or no background in digital technology. It will cover the absolute basics of what we mean by digital technology, data and the storage and transmission of data in networks. The content will specifically target Technology Mandatory Digital Technologies outcomes and provide strategies for implementing them in your classes.

You will learn about:
‣ What is meant by ‘digital’?
‣ Bits and Bytes, storage and transmission.
‣ Binary, text and images
‣ Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, AR /VR
‣ Coding blocks and text
‣ Integrating some digital knowledge into ‘regular’ lessons / projects

The course will provide access to resources and ongoing support through a collaborative space.
This course is supported by a Google grant to the Institute of Technology Education and is managed by Don’t Panic sTEm curriculum support.

Participants will engage in discussion regarding problem / project based learning, its application in the classroom and how to develop appropriate assessment methodologies.

Targeted concepts are Project Based Learning, Design Thinking, Computational and Algorithmic thinking and Integrated Learning.