Unpacking Technology Mandatory

Get a deep understanding of Technology Mandatory for 2019 implementation.

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This one day course provides participants with a deep understanding of the role of the NSW mandatory study of technology, the relationship between this course and the Australian Curriculum Technologies, (Digital Technologies and Design and Technologies) and contemporary practice in Technology, Design and Engineering education internationally.

  • The program includes a walk through the syllabus with clarification from internationally respected STEM educators.
  • Explanation of the intent of the syllabus and the ‘entitlement’ of NSW students in meeting their needs for their future.
  • Clarification of the syllabus intent and the 4 context areas to be covered.
  • Options for implementation including some innovative and forward thinking approaches to teaching technology in the digital age.
  • Deep understanding and explanation of syllabus outcomes.
  • Project Based Learning and 21st century teaching.