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Flyer of 2019 courses and Ruth and Peter Thompson brief CV

In 2016 both the recently retired Inspector, Technology Education from the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (Peter Thompson) and theĀ 2015, 2016 President of the Institute of Industrial Arts Technology Education (Australia’s largest technology and engineering educator association) (Ruth Thompson) retired to pursue new things and continue their career long support for colleague teachers.

They will be travelling the state supporting teachers from Pre School to year 12 with implementation strategies for technology and engineering curriculum, integrated STEM and embedded ICTs.Ā  Both are former head teachers in large NSW schools.

Peter and Ruth Thompson have a long history of developing teachers. Some milestones include:

  • Ruth introducedĀ the first 3D printer (Dimension SST768) in schools over a decade ago.Ā  The Dimension machine provided bureau type facility for teachers and students in many schools when the price of 3D printing and the cost of a machine was beyond the financial capacity of most schools. see ASISTM2012
  • Peter first ran a course on MS Excel in South West Sydney in 1983, and continued to training over 3000 teachers on computer aided design up to now.
  • Ruth ran her first “hands on tech” at Sturt workshops in 1983.
  • Consultation for various states and territories curriculum development.
  • Advisory panel ACARA Technologies curriculum.
  • Implementation and management of LMS at large schools.
  • National leaders in design, technology and engineering education.
  • Ruth a Churchill Fellow studying technology education implementation in 4 countries.
  • Curriculum writers, examination committees, supervisor of HSC marking and senior markers of Industrial Technology, Design and Technology and Engineering Studies.
  • Peter was a coordinating supervisor of marking at the NSW HSC and has broad experience in assessment and the HSC.
  • Experienced teacher trainersĀ in Microsoft, Adobe, Moodle, CADCAM, Robotics, Creo ParametricĀ and AutoDesk software.
  • Peter has over 20 yearsā€™ experience in network management and administration.
  • Both have long-term management and teaching experience in some of Sydney’s largest schools.
  • Both have presented at state, national and international conferences including in the USA.
  • Have managed accredited training programs for over a decade.
  • Have taught coding, computer programming, game making, control technology and robotics since the late 80’s. STEM is nothing new.
  • Peter has most recently presented successful training days about Project Based Learning, the future of education and Digital disruption.
  • Both have taught coding since 1990 in NSW schools and have developed units of work integrating computer programming into cross curricula work.
  • Ruth has recently completed a Certificate IV in Furniture Design and Technology at Sturt School for Wood.

Passionate Technology educators Peter and Ruth first engaged with the STEM and Maker movements at ITEEA Kansas City in 1994 and have been active in the area before and since.

They can tailor courses to your needs and have the depth of curriculum knowledge to support delivery.Dont panic LOGO