Coding for Wearable Technologies (E-Textiles extension)

Coding for Wearable Technologies (e-textiles)
includes components

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Coding for E-textiles, block coding to text coding in one day.

Introduction to coding in e-textiles going from Blocks to Text in one day. Useful for all materials, the mini Arduino used in this course can be applied to any material from Card to Timber, Acrylic to Polypropylene.  This course is aimed at the complete beginner to coding but assumes a knowledge of how to create a circuit using e-textiles components.    The course will include an introduction to block programming and the concepts of Computational and Algorithmic thinking using Scratch 3.0 as a precursor to using Blocklyduino and Tinkercad circuits to program, simulate and download the program onto a small microprocessor. There will be an opportunity to explore some digital manufacturing options.
The course will include a class set of microprocessors to take away.

This is a low-cost entry appropriate to schools using free software for simulation and experimentation.  This workshop will address Materials, Engineering and Digital outcomes of the 2019 Technology Mandatory syllabus.

Course costs include 1 class set of components (Battery pack, download cable, microprocessor, LEDs) for use in the classroom, enough for 22 students + 1 teacher.

Participants will engage in discussion regarding problem / project-based learning, its application in the classroom and how to develop appropriate assessment methodologies.

Targeted concepts are Project-Based Learning, Design Thinking, Computational and Algorithmic thinking and Integrated Learning.